Track: Moiré – No Gravity

Out on August 11th via Werkdiscs is the debut album from London based producer Moiré. Describing the title Shelter as ‘the listeners perception and subsequent emotional response to a collection of sounds and motifs, its fair to say that Moiré produces thoughtful and emotive house music, as demonstrated by a first glance at the album with the release of No Gravity.

It has this bubbling, almost dubstep feel about the track, but has this pumping house beat and occasional 808 to give it this slightly retro house feel, as seems to be the want of producers these days. As things slowly evolve and develop though, those beats become less of a focus as tumbling electro lines, whirring background noise and these almost hushed echoey melodic fragments all fight for their chance to shine. It’s stirring and brilliant stuff.

Moiré is here. Don’t miss it.

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