See: An Honest Year – “Chin Up, Kid” Music Video

An Honest Year have just released their latest music video “Chin Up, Kid” from their EP ‘Horizons. There’s an incredible sound quality here with the tones of the guitars, the way that everything musically fits together and the lyrics that carry a solid and upbeat message. All of which combine to make it a track that’s equal parts awesome and addictive. It’s a song about staying true to yourself and listening to it again its lost none of it’s captivating and addictive power, and now it has a great video to go with it.

If this is your first time listening to An Honest Year, be sure to check out their ‘Horizons’ EP, one that easily made it onto my top 10 EP’s list of 2014. An Honest Year are one of the few bands I’ve listened to where the lyrics stand out first time around listening to their music and “Chin Up, Kid” is a great example of this. The fact that their lyrics craft ideas and share stories that strongly relate to the listener is a great thing to listen to and everything else musically is just as well written. Overall each aspect combines to create a highly entertaining experience that keeps you coming back for more.

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