Premiere: Nervous Nellie release video for Cat Like Figure

Swedish quartet Nervous Nellie have a dream. Several actually, and a few nightmares thrown in as well. The two sets of brothers have documented them, as best they can, in a new album, When The Nightmare Gets In, which drops in December. The album, which is divided into three chapters based on the bands nightmares and dreams, both past and present, was heralded with the polished indie pop, dosed with a few M83-style slugs of synth, of previous single Skeleton.

Now their back with a new track’ Cat Like Figure. It quickly moves from its almost hymnal opening into this pulsating indie pop, with this echo laden guitar and ghostly backing vocals. Its, haunting and beautiful and, crucially, dreamy.

Better still they’ve chosen Backseat Mafia as the ideal place to premiere the video for the track. Its animated and directed by Andreas Johnasson and features the faded seaside glamour (and, slightly creepy) of the run down fun fair, before the subject heads on to a night out….. check it out

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