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Neon Hitch is a pop star for a new generation. Her big ballsy look and her love of the F word may give the more wholesome pop acts a heart attack, but her look and attitude certainly give her the edge in today’s market. It’s been a while in the making, after her debut single came out over five years ago, ‘Anarchy’ is her debut album. After plans for her original debut where scrapped, she started again with a whole new concept. It’s a collection of edgy pop, dance and R&B tracks. All delivered with the glamour we expect of our big American divas. So it’s hard to believe that she actually hails from Nottingham, in the UK. And it’s about time too. Whilst the UK has spawned endless great singer-songwriters, Neon Hitch may be our next big pop icon, who could potentially stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Gaga, Perry, and Rihanna. She certainly has the look, but does she have the content to match up to the style?

The thing that appealed to me most on first listen was the contrast. Her innocent little girl vocals sound like butter wouldn’t melt. But with lyrics like ‘Don’t f*** with me unless you’re really gunna f*** me good,’ it’s easy to see she is no shrinking violet. This is a woman who says what she likes, and it’s on that attitude that she bases the album. Neon Hitch is not a woman to be messed with, and that’s what we want from our pop icons. This is no business for the shy and submissive.

As far as the album’s best tracks go, the opening track ‘Neighborhood’ get’s things going on a high. ‘Please’ is a sassy, foul-mouthed rant to a man treating her badly, packaged as catchy R&B/pop tune. It would make a great single, if there was a radio station on earth who’d play it. And then there’s the grimy ‘Fried Chicken @ Night’. Impossible to stop yourself from dancing round your kitchen to this one (or is that just me?)

There are a couple of gems saved until the end. Recent single ‘Please’ shows a rare softer side, and with the R&B tinged No. 1 Lady’ make up the album’s slow numbers. ‘Please’ could almost be seen as an usual song the launch the album campaign upon, as it is in no way representative of the general tougher sounding songs. But then she has without doubt put her best foot forward by releasing this song. Things draw to a close with the Major Lazer-esque ‘Freedom’; a song so destined to fill dance floors all over the world.

‘Anarchy’ is a consistent album from start to finish. It throws different genres into the pot, from pop, R&B, electro and even a few reggae tinged tracks. It’s this mashing up of styles that keeps it interesting. That and of course the whole attitude and style of the artist herself. There’s something very watchable about her as a person, and listenable as a vocalist.

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