ALBUM REVIEW: Private World – ‘Aleph’: a fine 80s’-informed debut

THE much-heralded Cardiff outfit Private World have just released their debut album, Aleph, on Dais Records. They embrace the 1980s’ soundscape of new romantic folklore such as Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and early Talk Talk.

As lead single “Blue Spirit” suggested, this is a band which is keen to share a specific sound that will resonate with old and new listeners, something that will stir emotions in earworm-worthy tunes.

The album as a whole brings tunes injected with a loop of pleasing and pulsating electronic fare.

“Birdy” equals this pleasure with a cyclical rhythm providing a perfect marriage of vocals and instruments, helped by the expert vocals of Tom Sanders who, along with Harry Jowett, writes the music.

Keen fans will be familiar with “Hypnagogia”, the song that shows the band’s sheen and cool – reminiscent of Roxy Music and smart suits, it shows confidence. They’re a band that’s ‘less look at me’, more ‘you should listen to this’.

Following in the footsteps of Video Age’s “Pleasure Line“, this is a reminder that the early 1980s’ influence of pop writing is very much here to stay and one continually mined for new inspiration.

It’s is a great album and very confident debut. This band will be ones to watch when the world returns to normal; but for now keep it private.

Private World’s Aleph is out now on digital, CD and purple vinyl; to pick up your copy visit their Bandcamp page.

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