Track: Treeboy & Arc – Concept

Seminal label Speedy Wunderground is preparing for the release of the 29th single in their series and it’s from Leeds post-punk five piece Treeboy & Arc, who certainly announced their arrival with a minor prang involving a parked BMW next to the studio before even meeting label boss Dan Carey.

Luckily, things took a turn for the better in the studio and the result is new single ‘Concept’. Singer/Guitarist Ben Morgan says of the track  ‘’the song is about being the only person alive and the entire world around me being a figment of my imagination. But then ultimately coming to the realisation that that’s not the case, as if I’d created everything around me I’d have given myself a lot more beneficial features. It’s kind of an existential stream of consciousness.”

It’s a dark, almost menacing piece of post-punk, taking it’s lead from the likes of Mark E Smith but sitting closely alongside the likes of Fontaines D.C. It never lets you relax, with punky shoutalong chorus’ and wordy verses fighting for attention along with a moment where the tempo drops suddenly out of it, leaving you in a moment of freefalling, until the insistent, frayed at the edges guitars pull you along again.

Check it out, here


The Leeds based 5-piece are comprised of: Ben Morgan (guitars/vox), James Kay (bass), George Townend (guitar), Isaac Turner (drums) & Sammy Robinson (synths).

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