ALBUM REVIEW: Annie Taylor – ‘Sweet Mortality’: A rocking Swiss debut

ANNIE TAYLOR’S debut album is out now via Taxi Gauche Records. This rocking debut is an album of such promise, enthusiasm and desire; it’s one of the pleasant surprises of post-lockdown.

Hailing from Switzerland, where they formed in 2017, the band have become into one of Central Europe’s best sounding and hardest touring bands. They comprise of original members Gini Jungi, on vocals and guitar, and Michael Mutter, bass; they brought on board guitarist Tobias Arn and drummer Jan Winkler.

The two new members helped alter the sound from rock to a more psychedelic feel, in line with the vintage sounds of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The album starts off with rolling rocker “Drive”, which harks back to the band’s original rock roots; Jungi’s vocals are full steam ahead. Yet this is an album that is also a slow burn that slowly morphs into a psychedelic wonder, as apparent with such songs as ‘Where The Grass is Greener’; a tune helped by the visual flair of Tony Accosta’s video, filmed on Super 8. Have a watch, below.

Second track “Telephone” is a more radio-friendly, with earworm potential for the casual rock fan; as is “She Loves You No More”, which is in the vein of The Breeders.

The album takes a turn on track four ‘”Smokes”: a louche slice of summer heat evoking an atmosphere of sun-tinged beach hipness; it’s followed by the unerring summer soundtrack tune that is ‘”Where the Grass is Greener'”.

All in all the album is a strong debut, one of ambition for a band that definitely has its sights set on bigger things. It’s gratifying to see that rock that marries intelligence and emotion still exists. It’s an album that’s both restless and beautiful.

Annie Taylor’s Sweet Mortality is out on vinyl come September 4th: place your order here.

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