Track: Tors – Good Times

Planting their feet firmly in church of melodic indie folk are Devon five piece (now relocated to London) Tors. Included in their number are brothers Matt and Theo, grandsons of Burt ‘Guitar Wizard’ Weedon, who recorded with the likes of Adam Faith and Billy Fury, toured with Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland and influenced, through his books, luminaries such as Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and more.

While not yet able to out name-drop gramps, they are certainly carrying his memory onward with Tors new single, Good Times. Its has this almost Britpop swagger at the beginning, but from that point on, till the quivering synths at the end, there’s more of the Fleet Foxes about the track – swathed as it is in vocal harmonies, and uplifting vibe, its decorated with a bracing, Mumford like singalong chorus – just for good measure.

Check it out, here

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