Track: Paar release new single, ‘Eis’

Pastiche, homage and original twist might sound like three orders in your local Starbucks , but in fact it’s a delicate balancing act that many bands flounder at. Too much heart on the sleeve can lead to egg on your face, so you’ve got to bring something new to the table…but before Greg Wallace comes gurning in, let’s remember it’s music we’re talking here.

Paar from Munich manage to stride the conundrum with style and flair. Their single ‘Eis’ evokes post-punk menace, all brooding riffs and cold beats and is accompanied by a suitably icy video, courtesy of production company Das Diktat. The smoky essence of Cure, Sisters and Siouxsie might remain on your hair and clothes after listening, but it’s a fresh take that your ears will remember, that doffs a cap to the past but retools it beautifully to now.

It’s taken from the album, ‘Die Notwendigkeit der Notwendigkeit’, released in 2020 on GRZEGORZKI RECORDS, Berlin.

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