Track: Franz Kirmann & Roberto Grosso – ‘Saudade’: a cinematic sweep heralds a multimedia collaborative EP

Roberto Grosso (left) and Franz Kirmann

WITH musical scores for the BBC/AMC series McMafia and the Storyville strand documentary Locked In, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Franz Kirmann’s latest single, “Saudade”, in collaboration with Roberto Grosso, should be so damn cinematic.

Dark and sweeping electronica with a classic Sixties shimmering, twangy guitar riff draped over the top for a hook, it comes from the pair’s joint EP, In Waves, which is out next month – and which you can hear below.

Chilling electronica, flirting with dissonance, of the kind that usually finds itself soundtracking shadowy subterranean corridors, mixes with that riff and a little shimmy of percussion to place itself firmly within the lineage of Morricone, Trovajoli and Gaverentz in and updated way.

On In Waves Franz and Roberto hope to create a sonic experience that goes beyond the sonic; it’s a multimedia project that will use painting and video.

Franz has been releasing music since 2006, both solo and with Tom Hodge as part of the electronic/post-classical crossover project Piano Interrupted. He founded the Days Of Being Wild label three years later.

Of late he’s been releasing for Bytes, who were home to his 2019 album, Madrapour, entirely composed on a modular system; and last year’s digital-only First Broadcast.

Roberto Grosso is an Italian artist who works with brushed metal, perspex and metallic paper, and who was awarded Artist of the Month by Kanye West at his blog, Kanyeuniversity.

Franz Kirmann & Roberto Grosso’s In Waves EP will be released on April 9th and is available for pre-saving now over at Days Of Being Wild’s Bandcamp page.

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