See: Tristan Welch – ‘I Live In Filth’: Washington guitarist presents icy dronescapes

Tristan Welch,, photographed by Cameron Whitman

WASHINGTON’S dark ambient guitarchitect Tristan Welch has announced a new album for the end of April, Temporary Preservation; and has released a first taster single in the twilit soundscapes of “I Live In Filth”. Take a listen herein.

Tristan follows on from last year’s Capitalist Teeth and Ambient Distress and continues his sonic exploration of the wasteland at the heart of late-era capitalism in shorter-form studies.

Also, notably, a trained and licensed funeral director, Welch draws on his experience in creating lifelike appearances for the deceased to sculpt darkly pretty compositions, capturing the steely and impersonal cityscape of out times – looming towers, abandoned districts.

The term that is used in the funeral directing trade for the make-up and cosmetics for lying in state is ‘temporary preservation’, as transposed through the title and the stately, otherly, glacial movements of sound within.

Temporary Preservation has been created wholly with guitar, later reflected in post-processing electronics, working within what Tristan calls ‘maximal minimalism’ and repetition.

Tristan Welch’s Temporary Preservation will be released digitally and on vinyl on April 30th; you can pre-order your copy from his Bandcamp page.

Follow Tristan Welch on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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