Track: Slow Talk – Disclaimer

Taken from their debut release ‘New Vernacular’ EP, Melbourne duo Slow Talk have released the third single from it, ‘Disclaimer’.

James Butler from Slow Talk says that new single ‘Disclaimer’ is “A story about an introverted over-thinker brushing off interest from someone more outgoing, social and exciting. It’s about initially placing the blame on them thinking they’re shallow and ditzy but later realising it’s actually your fault for being boring, stuck in your ways and always seeing the worst in a situation. It highlights the consequence and struggle that pessimism can inflict. It was also the song that marked the beginning for Slow Talk and the put the wheels in motion for writing the EP.”

Disclaimer is this spiralling rock track, that balances the driving drums with a sense of melancholy that permeates the whole thing.From it’s pop beginnings it flowers into this more muscular and taught track, the space between it allowing you to focus in on the vocals.

Check it out, here

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‘New Vernacular’, their debut release is out on Friday April 27th. The EP is available now for Pre-Order at iTunes and Bandcamp. The Disclaimer single will be available for streaming at Spotify from this Friday and previous singles Golden & New Vernacula

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