Track: C Duncan – Say

Last time we heard from C Duncan, it was when our interest was peeked when we heard his track ‘For’. Now the Glasgow song-songwriter is back with a new single, ‘Say’ taken from his forthcoming debut album, due out this Summer. As with its predecessor, it was lovingly recorded at home by C Duncan, who painstakingly layered the individual instruments on top of eachother, to create something beautiful and intricate.

There’s a certain amount of poise about the Say, a perfect companion for ‘For’, in many ways. His soft, almost angelic vocal sweeps over everything, and is usually coloured by multiple vocal harmony parts that give the thing this almost hymnal quality. Add in the poetic bent that C Duncan has and it comes uo with something thats quietly graceful. The accompaniment gently sways, all acoustic guitars and tumbling percussion, perfectly in sync with the lilting melody

There’s some magic in the air with C Duncan, that is for sure.

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