News: Tony Glausi Releases Deluxe Version Of Album ‘Everything At Once’

Sofia Alvarez

Tony Glausi released the new deluxe version of his album ‘Everything At Once’ (read our review here). Originally released last year, ‘Everything At Once’ features straight-to-the-gut pop jams and R&B-influenced tunes that take inspiration from a bevy of sources.

The deluxe version of ‘Everything At Once’ features three new songs — “Nuestro Amor,” and remixes of album tracks “Backseat Bump” and “Celeste Inmensidad.”

Check out the track Celeste Inmensidad Remix By The Grand Mess, below:

“All of the songs from ‘Everything At Once’ were written and produced in 2019-2020, each one encapsulating a different chapter of my life,”

explains Glausi.

“This first deluxe track, ‘Nuestro Amor,’ was co-written with Nana Mendoza in January of 2020 and originally meant to be released on her then-upcoming album, which was never actually finished. The second deluxe track is my first ever remix, a dance spin-off of ‘Backseat Bump’ done by ZENG and Tompkins and featuring rhymes from the incredible Dizzy Senze. The third and final deluxe track is an avant remix of “Celeste Inmensidad” done by The Grand Mess, an artist who co-produced 4 other tracks on the original. The ‘Everything At Once’ story is now officially complete!”

Raised in Portland, Oregon and currently based in New York City, Tony Glausi is widely known for his accomplishments as a trumpet player — but on ‘Everything At Once’, Glausi sheds some of his skin as an instrumentalist and firmly establishes his prowess as a bandleader, producer, songwriter, and singer.

“Writing ‘Everything At Once’, I felt like the project wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about Tony, the trumpet player. I just wanted to make fucking songs,”

Glausi explains.

“I sing on three of them, but I just wanted to produce the music and ultimately let my collaborators shine,” he adds.

Guests on ‘Everything At Once’ include singer/saxophonist Braxton Cook, Latin GRAMMY-nominated Nana Mendoza, Brooklyn-based singer Elysse, rapper Charlemagne the Goddess, and UK vocalist Max Milner.

‘Everything At Once’ is a cinematic full-length production brimming with confidence, introducing Tony Glausi the polymath. “Coming out of high school and studying music in college, I was pretty fixated on jazz trumpet playing, and my earlier releases were heavily oriented around improvisation and swing,” Glausi explains. “But as I continue to write and explore new sounds, I feel like I get closer and closer to my true voice, one record at a time.” ‘Everything At Once’ is an album of places, faces, and interactions. Quite simply, Tony Glausi has created a mixtape to his life, thanks, in part, to his willingness to try anything. 


  1. I Could Fall in Love (feat. Charlemagne the Goddess)
  2. Backseat Bump
  3. Celeste Inmensidad (feat. Nana Mendoza)
  4. Lot of Enough (feat. Luca Max)
  5. Jada Jada 
  6. Is Anybody Fkn Listening? (feat. Max Milner)
  7. The Ominous Blue (feat. Braxton Cook)
  8. Forever Is Now
  9. You’ll Never Know (feat. Elysse)
  10. Meant to Be
  11. Nuestro Amor
  12. Backseat Bump (Remix)
  13. Celeste Inmensidad (Remix)

Find out more via Glausi’s Website or Facebook

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