New Track/Video: Maral announces new album ‘Ground Groove’ with ‘Feedback Jam’ – dark wave dub with a punch.

Photo : Diana Rojas

LA based producer/DJ Maral is a sound collaborator, collector and connector. From her ‘Mahur Club’ album in 2019 through to 2020’s ‘Push’ she has continued to rove the global beat-making terrain and discover her own dance-floor destinations. On the way she’s pulled strands from her Iranian heritage, whether classical, folk or pop, from her dub heavy, emo facing youth and from her own punky, no rules DIY take on the electronic. Industrial and earthy in equal measures Maral has been working towards her own unique blend.

Now comes word of her third album, ‘Ground Groove’, for release via Leaving Records on 18th October, bringing with it the prospect of more raw excitement but with an added dimension. Rooted in Maral’s recent installation work with audio-visual artist Brenna Murphy, ‘Ground Groove’ explores the possibilities opened up by this relationship, intriguingly shaping her soundscape from a different perspective. That won’t mean everything will get too abstract. Maral ensures the physical power of her music stays prominent on the album with her live guitar and bass playing pushed out front while that familiar rhythmic message remains at the centre.

Feedback Jam’, the first preview from the new record, boldly signposts the developing dynamic. Grumbling noise bass, tentative guitar twangs, distorted toxic signals and a doomy processional beat open the doors onto some dark wave interior. The drum pattern may slink into a fizzing motoric pattern but the snatches of celestial whispers and prayer calls maintain the tension. Short, sharp and punchy, ‘Feedback Jam’ is an assurance that Maral’s new music is going to make some impression.

Visuals by Brenna Murphy

You can pre-order your copy of ‘Ground Groove’ by Maral from your local record shop or direct from:

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