Track: Chalk – Static

Sienna Lillie Munn

Belfast post-punk/electronic trio Chalk, have shared the first glimpse of their debut EP, due out in the spring, with new single ‘Static’.

Speaking about the single, Ross Cullen of Chalk: 

“We wanted to explore the feeling of not knowing your place in the world. Living within order & regime, following instructions. “Stand up straight, a pre-owned smile” / “There’s been a knock at my door, they’re gonna try and burn me down” But then subverting from the social norms and gaining control. Creating a path for yourself, confronting the uncertainty and risks. “Searching for something to do, just to keep myself right” Reaching the end of that path and waiting for fulfilment but you’re not sure when it will come or if it will at all. “I could have sworn that I’d cut the cord”. 

A towering track of scratchy guitars, frantic paranoid rhythms and industrial coldness. The brooding lyrics boil over into manic screaming that is punctuated by the cavernous drums. It’s an impressive effort and a track that demands a few spins to really sink into the subconscious.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the band’s Facebook

Read our interview with the band here

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