Meet: Stone Cold Fox’s Kevin Olken Henthorn, and listen to their new track, Contagion

We rather fell for the new single, a Contagion, from Brooklyn quintet Stone Cold Fox, when we saw it. Beginning with this rather lovely pulsating synth/indie pop, it’s blessed with a glitteringly catchy melody, that makes repeat ed listenings a bit of a must. As it progresses it grows and morphs, taking in some prog-pop, adding guitars along the way before growing into a glorious climax. With our interest piqued, we found out a little bit more from lead vocalist / guitarist Kevin Olken Henthorn.

Hi, tell us a bit about Stone Cold Fox, how long have you been together and where did you all meet?

K: It’s be almost 4 years at this point. Ariel, Graham, Justin and I all went to the same school at SUNY Purchase, We met Aaron a few years later in Brooklyn.

And you’re based in Brooklyn, right? What is the music scene like round there, is it focused on a particular genre, and are you part of it?

K: The music scene here has a lot going on, it’s New York so there are so many things in the melting pot, a big synth pop presence, but also 90’s rock resurgence. It’s a pretty interesting place to be, you can go out to a show any night of the week and each night you’l hear something new.

You played with/friends with some cool bands there?

K: Absolutely, some of our friends’ bands we played with are Tei Shi, Gospels, Ryan Egan, Modern Rivals, Yellerkin, Birch, Total Makeover.

And the name? Where did that come from?

K: It was inspired by Sofia Coppola’s the Virgin Suicides.

Tell us a little bit about Contagion – what’s it about and where was it recorded?

K: It’s about the fear of being soaked up by the “scene”. It was a song that had a really hard time finding it’s identity, which is kind of fitting hah. It started as a rock song, then a low key electronic song, it took nearly 2 years for us to figure out how to balance the dance and rock vibe in a way that felt natural to the song and us as a band. We wrote a lot of material over the last two years that helped define this as well, but overall this song has come to embody our next step as a band. We recorded it up in at Stone Studio in Northwestern Connecticut.

Do you work quickly in the studio, or do you prefer to take your time and rerecord things?

K: Well, as you can see… sometimes things can take awhile haha. But having said that, the other songs on the EP came out very quickly. Though there is still one we are working on and having a similar identity crisis with, but it will find it’s way.

When is it out? Are you doing some shows to support it?

K: It will be out in late February, we’re currently planning a tour to support it.

And whats next- are you in the studio looking towards and album at the moment?

K: We’re finishing up that last song now, gonna shoot some music videos for the EP. But it’s looking like this will be the last releases that band member Ariel Loh will be producing. We’ve been writing a lot and have a lot of material for a full length. After this EP we’re looking to work with another producer to help bring that all to life. It’s been hard over the years gaining perspective when you produce things within the band and I think we’re all super excited to get some outside perspective.

Check it out, here

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