Track: Brisbane’s Lite Fails evokes an electronic pastoral bliss with double single release ‘On A Clear Day’ and ‘What The Bellbirds Were Saying’

Lite Fails is the solo work of Australian musician and historian Henry Reese, and the new double singles ‘On A Clear Day’ and ‘What The Bellbirds Were Saying’ are two sides of an ethereal and pastoral soundscape that crackles and bubbles with an extraordinary ambient clarity.

‘On A Clear Day’ has an animalistic sinewy crackle that prowls in the distance while ethereal synths sweep and pluck in the air with an almost silent, breathless presence. There is a tangible organic tremble throughout that is both instantly transfixing and somehow unnerving. ‘What The Bellbirds Were Saying’ on the other hand rings like a bank of gently twittering bells with a soft percussion that has a syncopated thrum.

These are both aurally delicious complex soundscapes that evoke emotions and hypnotize delightfully. Out through the equally mesmerising 4000 Records, you can get the tracks below or through download/streaming sites here.

You can catch Lite Fails with the equally magnificent Aren’t (see my review of Aren’t’s single ‘For Love’ here) launching their respective singles on Thursday, 9 December 2021 at Brisbane’s Can You Keep A Secret – details and tickets here. Brisbane seems to have all the fun at the moment.

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