Track: Hobart Curtis has a dream pop ‘Run’: shimmering melodies and an indelible sparkle in his new single.

The new single ‘Run’ from Brisbane artist Hobart Curtis is a refreshing, crystalline, sparkling track, tinged with a melancholic blush and a dream pop fervour. Brisbane is fast becoming institution for the most luminescent expression of dream pop, and Curtis is yet another vital piece of the furniture alongside Hatchie, Rinse amongst others.

The instrumentation is borne by flowing articulated synths with a euphoric riff and a celestial chorus that imprints itself in your mind.

Curtis says of the track:

Run’ is about the constant spectre of past relationships, that can creep in at times when things are rough. But you always come to your senses that it’s not real, and it’s not something you’d actually want.

The result is a magnificent and ethereal slice of pop:

Delicious. ‘Run’ is available now and can be downloaded or streamed here. This is a new track, but check out Curtis’s album ‘Fever Dream’ released earlier this year which has the same burnished glory:

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