Track: Terra Pines ‘Harp On’: a dreamy and celestial wander through the clouds

After pleasantly assaulting us with their thumping track ‘Downbeat’ (see my review here) , Brisbane band Terra Pines have pressed ever so gently on the brakes and released the dreamy almost ambient shimmer of ‘Harp On’; a dream-popped sonic landscape with a hypnotic flow and gentle melodies.

A muscular bass, shimmering guitars and ethereal keys provide a soft bed for the harmonies, the circular refrain and the melancholic air. This is a gentler Terra Pines – reflective and cinematic in scope – yet still with a barbed wire undercurrent.

The common thread, however, remains: the sweetness of the melody.

Out through the capable, innovative and creative hands of False Peak Records, ‘Harp On’ is available to stream through the usual channels and to download through the link above. It will be on the band’s LP ‘Downbeats’ out in early 2022.

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