Track: L.A. Witch share the heavy grunge of ‘Gen-Z’

Taken from their forthcoming ‘Play With Fire’ album, out on August 21st on Suicide Squeeze, Californian trio L.A. Witch have released their latest single, Genn-Z.

Of the track, the bands guitarist and vocalist Sade Sanchez said “‘Gen-Z’ is inspired by a series of articles mentioning the high rates of suicide amongst the Gen-Z due to the pressures of social media. At the same time I read about several music companies not doing well due to lack of interest in people to learn to play instruments. When I was a kid, music and guitar was my escape. Music was how I fought through my depressions. What will the future do to get through it? With constant pressure to be perfect and information/advertisements and brainwashing constantly being shoved in your face, you become a product of your environment. ‘Gen-Z’ is about being a slave to technology, specifically to our phones.”

Dark and forboding, Gen-Z takes elements of punk and garage rock, and moulds them, melts them almost, into this message, scuffed up indie rock track, coloured by these repetitive chords and brightened with the occasional castanets.

Loveable, intense and catchy. Check it out, here

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