Live Gallery: Inspiral Carpets at the Manning Bar, Sydney 04.08.2023

Inspiral Carpets

The Inspiral Carpets are back in Australia for their first tour since 1993. The packed crowd in the Manning Bar are excited and sweaty on an unseasonably warm day in Sydney. The merch stand is doing a roaring trade and the excitement and love in the room are palpable as we await the Carpets. The band was an integral part of the Madchester scene along with the Stone Roses, Charlatans, Happy Mondays and James. There is an electrifying buzz in the room as the DJ spins the hits of classic UK bands such as Blur and the Jam. Then the Inspiral Carpets stride on stage and with little fanfare launch into ‘Joe’ and the crowd lap it up. The hits keep coming fast and furiously as the crowd sways along to the music. It’s a great night of nostalgia and pleasure as we are enthralled by the prowess of the Inspiral Carpets.

Check out our gallery below.

The Inspiral Carpets head to Melbourne next – Ticket information available HERE.

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