Soul aficionados might recognise the name of the latest track to be released ahead of Nightmares on Wax’s Shape to the Future album. And they’d be right to, its a cover of the 1967 Little Ann cut, and it features up and coming London soul singer Sadie Walker. Of the track, Nightmares on Wax mainman George Evelyn sayd about the track “In the final stages of recording Shape The Future I expressed how much I needed some female energy injected. I had an idea to cover an old reggae song that Sadie would be perfect for. I then heard the original ‘Deep Shadows’ by Little Ann and instantly connected with it. The track is an insight into the undenying effect love has, regardless of the exterior resistance to understand it”

He’s given it a slightly wonky, stripped back R&B sound, as it stutters at the beginning before unwinding, letting in electronics, cut-ups and more percussion sounds. Over the top Sadie Walker bares her soul. Literally.

Check it out, here

Nightmares on Wax new album ‘Shape The Future’ is out 26th January, via Warp Records