TRACK: Darkstar unveil remix 12″ with Loraine James cut

Darkstar, photographed by Ceiron Magat

AIDEN WHALLEY and James Young, better known to IDM heads as Darkstar, have a proper work ethic.

Not content to rest on the laurels of last month’s Civic Jams set, their fourth LP for Warp and fifth of their career, they’ve released a Loraine James’ mix of “Wolf” from the album as a teaser for a remixes 12” next month.

Loraine James’s mix of “Wolf” flows a forge-tempered percussive clatter across the smoother sounds of the original mix, taking this Warp release back to the label’s cultural roots in off-kilter rave.

She said of her rerub: “I felt honoured to be contacted to do this remix because I remember listening to Darkstar back when I was 16. 

“With remixes I like to create an atmosphere that’s the opposite of the original song, so here I’ve taken Darkstar’s downtempo track and made it into a proper dance tune. I played it out a few times in sets before lockdown and it got the crowd going.” Result. 

The 12” will also feature mixes from John Talabot, Parris, and Horsepower Productions.

Civic Jams Remixes will be available on August 7th and can be pre-ordered at Warp’s online sales arm, Bleep, here.

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