Track: The Blinders- ‘Black Glass’

THE BLINDERS’ latest track, “Black Glass”, is a seamlessly evolving, six-minute behemoth, is the final single to be featured from their upcoming album.

The track begins tantalisingly slowly, before lead vocalist Thomas Haywood’s commanding “Black Glasscry is subsequently offset by a parry of jolting lead guitar. The pace then catapults into a violent and electrifying realm, one similar to the propulsive tracks of Fontaines DC and the like. Like Fontaines, there is an incredibly revolutionary tone to the lyrics and fully overwhelming sound of “Black Glass”.

According to the band, the track’s persona revolves around deep mental complexities, of a “disturbed introvert’s conversation between him and himself, whose need for isolation has reached its peak … for slowly he begins to talk through his methods in order to reassure himself that his actions are completely sane.”

They add: “As the monologue unravels, his words become more and more deranged and unhinged until finally his nerve implodes.”

The band have abated fans’ wait for the follow-up to their debut album with the Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath series, which offers insights of the band’s daily lives and their strategies in maintaining creativity during lockdown.

Guitarist/vocalist Thomas Haywood has also performed a number of sessions which display the band’s broad tastes, from Oasis’ “Half the World Away” to Tom Waits’ “Martha”.

Their second album, Fantasies of A Stay At Home Psychopath, is out on July 17th and, rather presciently, discusses existentialism against matters of society’s waywardness in a period of global crisis.

However, contrary to this apparent dreary premise, the album promises to deliver grand and uplifting music to accompany such a weighty background.

Similarly, The Blinders look to inject vitality into such a gloom-filled year with their new album, just as they do with their unrelenting live shows.

Watch the video for Black Glass below.

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