Track: San Cisco – Messages plus album news

Western Australia’s eternally stylistic San Cisco have just released another highly effervescent track – ‘Messages’ – and announced details of a new album entitled ‘Between You and Me’ due out on 4 September 2020.

‘Messages’ has a sixties Burt Bacharach vibe, and the sun-filtered bleached-out video matches the vibe with its yellow bright tones. It tells a very modern tale of social network communications and self-centred human relations. Jordi Davieson (guitars/vocals) says of the track:

(it is a)…tongue-in-cheek bop about shitty friends. Originally the lyrics were loosely inspired by my frustration with Scarlett (Stevens, drum/vocals) never replying to my messages, but when we decided the track would be much better with her singing vocals instead, she added in a few of her annoyances about me. It turned into quite a constructive process for our friendship! She still never replies to messages…

‘Messages’ has certainly bottled the very fine West Australian air in a very bright and boppy package of sunshine:

San Cisco have also announced the release of their fourth LP, ‘Between You and Me’ on 4 September 2020 though Island City Records. It was recorded between a big blue barn in Mullumbimby in Northern New South Wales and the band’s own studio in Fremantle with longtime band collaborator Steve Schram (The Cat Empire, Calling All Cars) producing with extra production from POND’s James Ireland.

You can pre-order the album in a variety of formats and packages here.

Track List:
1. Skin

2. On The Line

3. Reasons

4. Messages

5. Shine

6. Alone

7. When I Dream

8. Gone

9. Flaws

10. Tell Me When You Leave Tonight

11. Between You And Me

Feature Photograph: Toni Wilkinson

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