Film Review: Blue

Earth is rapidly approaching a point of no return. Humans have polluted the air, seas and raped the land for all its worth. Our rampant consumerism knows no bounds and unless radical action is taken the tipping point will be breached and then we’re set for a rapid ride down the poop chute to extinction. Our oceans are in crisis. If rising sea levels and melting icebergs weren’t enough, man has decimated marine populations through over-fishing and destroyed habitats through pollution and greed.

Every piece of plastic ever created still exists on the surface of this planet. Much of it is in our seas and therefore in animals which live and hunt in these waters. Blue, the new documentary from Karina Holden, follows the ocean guardians. A group of people who have dedicated their lives to raising awareness of this man-made destruction and to protect marine life and habitats wherever they can.

Blue is an incredibly timely and vitally important documentary about the biggest threat to life on Earth. Part rallying call, part love letter, we’re taken into the depths of our oceans to see the ruination for ourselves. The natural beauty of our planet jars against the devastation we’re inflicting on it. Holden ensures the case for change is made in a clear and unequivocal fashion. Blue is another reminder that we all need to do better.

Blue is available on digital now and will be released on DVD by Sparky Pictures on July 1.

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