Premiere: Simon Robert Gibson thinks ‘You Look Good In A T-Shirt’ and writes another sparkling song in the process.

Simon Robert Gibson has an unique Australiana style that glitters with authenticity and humour, and we are proud to premiere his new single ‘You Look Good In A T-Shirt’.

As a poetic troubadour, Gibson excels in delivering sweet vignettes of everyday life in a street poet style filled with melody and a sort of naive innocence. His style is a collision of Billy Bragg with John Cooper Clarke, albeit with a refreshing antipodean vernacular that captures a sort of laid back insouciance with a sparkle in the eye.

‘You Look Good In A T-Shirt’ references the stuff we are familiar with, and in the process captures an innocence and joy absent of any cynicism or gloom. There is so much warmth and goodness emanating from this track, it would light up an entire city and melt the polar caps. Gibson says:

It’s a song about being appreciative when someone brings some sunshine and warmth into your life. When that person throws on a t-shirt that you bought for them and it just looks perfect immediately…well I just expanded on that idea….you look good in a t-shirt so you’re welcome to wear any of mine. And if their music tastes and whole attitude seems to mirror yours well, it’s just a great feeling!

It is a song that captures the joy of music – a recurrent theme in Gibson’s oeuvre – and is relaxed and familiar with references to the Big Day Out Festival and bands including his own Aerial Maps. And it has a melody that once heard is hard to dislodge.

‘You Look Good In A T-Shirt’ is out tomorrow and available to download and stream above and through all the usual streaming and download sites.

A founding member of the much-loved Disneyfist and later Modern Giant, Gibson is also an original member of acclaimed group The Aerial Maps, along with his brother Adam Gibson (also including luminaries Peter V Fenton from The Gin Palace and Alannah Russack). Along the way Simon has played and recorded with numerous Australian bands, with long stints in legendary Half A Cow Records soul/popsters Sneeze, plus Lazy Susan, the Simon Holmes-led outfit, Fragile, and his own later ensemble, the surf-rock band The Coolites.

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