News: Cellz and Fred Red Present ‘Short Cut’ – A Mystical Blend of Jazz, R&B and Nu-Soul

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey with Cellz and Fred Red as they release their captivating new single, ‘Short Cut.’

Weaving warm analogue synths, whistling leads, and sultry vocals into a tapestry of mystery and romanticism, the new single creates a swelling, swaying vibe blending it’s electornic elements with live elements to great effect. The gentle, Lo-Fi, at times distant beats provides a subtle foundation, allowing the intricate melodies to shine. Layers of vocals create a rich atmosphere, swirling around the listener with an ethereal presence, while saxophonist Cellz adds his distinct touch, scattering beautiful, warm melodies.

The production is pristine, building to a final 20 second long section where a new beat signals a transition into an atmospheric whirlpool of modulation drenched synth pads, leaving you to ponder the fleeting beauty of the track. Cellz shares, “We aimed for elegance with a touch of gangster, and I’m thrilled to have worked with Fred Red.”

Cellz, a Munich-based singer-songwriter and saxophonist, brings a fresh perspective to music, blending heartwarming vocals with seamless saxophone melodies. Fred Red, a Berlin-based producer and DJ, has gained attention with his unique sound design and genre-blending productions.

‘Short Cut’ is a captivating fusion of jazz and Nu-Soul that promises to leave you entranced. Listen below:

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