Track: Cellz & Fatbabs Come Together For Infectious New Single ‘When I’m Back’

German/South African saxophonist and artist Cellz is back in the spotlight with his latest single, ‘When I’m Back’, a captivating and irresistibly rhythmic offering blending afrobeat undertones with his unique nu-soul-alt-pop tendencies. 

Collaborating with renowned beatmaker Fatbabs, Cellz delivers a melodic and commercial track which packs sonic depth beneath the infectious pop toplines. The song’s passionate vocals and enchanting saxophone performance showcase Cellz’s talent as a performer and instrumentalist and reinforcing his unique sound and approach, using his skill as a saxophonist to list the otherwise electronic soundscape. 

Talking about the making of the track, Cellz explains: “When I’m Back has come a long way, you know. Honestly, the vocal arrangement and lyrics were written in a flash, but we saw massive potential in this track. So, we decided to take our time, pour in all our love and dedication, to make it as huge as possible. I absolutely enjoyed the journey and I’m really looking forward to working on more music with Fatbabs and his team!”

Hailing from Munich, Cellz expresses his love for music and community through his work. He has embarked on a global journey, collaborating with artists from different corners of the world: Depart from Istanbul, Marc Ronin from Cape Town,  Blue Glass from Antigua, and this time linking up with France based producer Fatbabs. Cellz’s ability to connect with artists from diverse backgrounds and create varying sonic textures whilst retaining his unique stamp has earned him praise from publications and radio stations, solidifying his reputation as one to watch.

Listen to the new single below:

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