See: Hippo Campus release video for Way it goes

By Mary Long

The hippocampus is apparently quite a vital component of the brain, involved in the transference of short term memories into long term storage solutions, and in the area of spatial memory which aids navigation. ‘Hippo Campus’ on the other hand are a four piece indie rock band from Minnesota who are on the cusp of global navigation and permanent marker forever etched into your auditory memory.

Debut album ‘Landmark’ is due 24/02/17 with an accompanying worldwide tour, and first single ‘way it goes’ is available now. On first listen and look, it’s an immediately catchy and, yes, a pretty memorable tune. The video is overflowing with beautiful young beings delivering a pastiche on ‘coolness’ in an achingly cool yet amusingly self-aware manner. It’s like the theme tune to every single one of those annoyingly successful, good looking, lying bastards who spend their entire lives image-projecting themselves via every single social media channel there is. This is a little snapshot of the Hippo Campus view of those who strive to portray falsities through online fakery. And I love it. It’s a welcome breath of fresh honesty blowing through me. If the rest of the album has as much to offer then I’ll happily employ my hippocampus to transmit it as wriggly little earworms on a daily basis.

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