Premiere: Paulina unveils her captivating and emotive new single ‘Parasite’ – Watch the accompanying video

Backseat Mafia are delighted to premiere the very latest track release (plus video) from rising Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Paulina. Following on from her critically praised single Lonely Drives, the artist has returned with signature poise to release her new track Parasite, an ethereal and gently atmospheric pop track produced by artist/producer Toby Hobart.

Featuring gorgeously textured acoustic guitar and groove-laden bass throughout, it is Paulina’s wonderfully blooming and evocative vocal vibrato that gives life to Parasite from the get-go. Its shapeshifting chorus and earthy percussion build anticipation as the song continues upwards to a delicate peak, making it the kind of strong-yet-gentle pop track that will easily elicit repeated plays. With a soulful and mature vocal style that belies her 17 years (and for which Paulina has already received much praise), it’s exciting to see what the singer will do next with those skills.

Giving some background on the meaning behind ‘Parasite’, Paulina says: “At its core it’s about being treated like a parasite by a partner. Having someone treat you so disrespectfully and disgustingly can destroy someone’s self-worth and self-love. So, instead of continuing to be a victim of such awful treatment and the pain that comes with it, this song shows that you can in fact do yourself a huge favour and leave toxic relationships. You don’t have to and shouldn’t love someone who treats you so badly, because you are so much more than that. If anything, they’re the parasite!”

The song’s accompanying video was directed by Matt Pettigrew from Slate Media (Cosmo’s Midnight, Mallrat, Spacey Jane). Visually striking, the clip is awash with pink and orange, countered with darker, neutral hues, moody light play and vignettes. Paulina takes on the character of someone reflecting sadly and regretfully on being mistreated. “In the studio, we used a 20ft square soft box grid, that allowed full range of the colour spectrum, to create a bold, yet soft colour scheme,” Paulina says of creating these effects in the video.

“As the music video progresses, my makeup becomes a bit more smudged as I begin to cry. This accentuates the truly sad, and upsetting feeling portrayed subtly throughout the song,” -Paulina.

Paulina’s previous releases have been widely embraced by Spotify, triple j, triple j Unearthed and Australian community radio. Music news sites have also been quick to support, including such well-known tastemakers as The Music, The AU Review, Livewire, AAA Backstage, Something You Said, Sounds of Oz, Good Call Live and as AIR’s Feature Artist of the Week. 

Born in Germany and raised in Queensland, Paulina is rapidly showing talent for writing uniquely emotive material. Taking inspiration from such luminaries as Jorja Smith and Amy Shark, she is able to capture the essence of her songwriting material purely and articulately. It’s been just over a year since the release of her debut single and almost two years since she started out in the industry. A lot can change in a short time, with this new track marking a new chapter in the rising star’s life. A chapter that we can’t wait to see – more importantly hear – play out.

Parasite will be available worldwide this Friday, September 10



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