Track: Ruby Gill Releases New Track ‘I Forgot To Be Profound Today’

Ruby Gill

Ruby Gill, the South African-born singer songwriter who is currently based in Melbourne has released a new track ‘I Forgot To Be Profound Today’ and has also announced that she will be releasing her debut album, ‘I’m gonna die with this frown on my face’, on 2nd September.

‘I Forgot To Be Profound Today’ has been released with an accompanying video, in which a pigeon seems to observe passers by who are completely oblivious to its existence, as they go about their day. It is a perfect match for the song in which Gill sings about her feelings of inadequacy and muses that [she is] “nursing an intolerance for social interaction”. It’s a devastatingly beautiful song with insights that Gill’s audience have come to expect from the singer who is attracting media attention and has earned acclaim from The Guardian, NME and Fashion Journal.

“I have always (and I think a lot of us always) harboured a lot of internal pressure to be externally ‘interesting’ and to perform to a level that pleases capitalist ideals of what a functional, successful, worthy adult might look and behave like. But we cannot sing on key all day. There is too much joy and anger to exist within. I want to be a real human being again.”

Ruby Gill

Photo Credit: Al Parkinson

Stream ‘I Forgot To Be Profound Today’ HERE.

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