Live Review: FIZZ – Project House, Leeds. 21.02.24

It would feel like an easy cliché to talk about this show as “bubbly”, “effervescent” but really they are the right adjectives for the particular brand of joyful, chaotic circus that is FIZZ’s headline tour.

The lights shimmer across giant lollipops as a countdown takes us through 4 stages to the band’s arrival before FIZZ finally explode on to the stage. Skipping and waving at the eclectic crowd to the opening strains of High In Brighton, it’s immediately apparent that this is going to be a night to remember. 

FIZZ is the combination of 4 hugely accomplished artists, friends for years through the start of their solo careers, that suddenly collided in to the whirlwind of joy that we are caught in the middle of tonight.

Orla Gartland, Greta Isaac, dodie and Martin Luke Brown burst on to the scene last year with a pretty special debut album, one that reflects the different styles of each member but blending to make something that is unique and genre defying. 

And it’s this energy that hits the stage in Leeds and bubbles over into the crowd. Full of costumes, puppets, clowns, people have come just as they want to be seen. It a celebration of individuality, diversity and acceptance. Granted, I’m probably the oldest person there, but still, it’s a completely welcoming space, here for the music and the fun, escaping the doom and gloom of the real world for a bit. 

That’s not to say this is a novelty act. It couldn’t be further from that. Yes, there’s Rocket League, Martin’s self-effacing question as to whether, “at nearly 29”, he should be spending all his time playing “football with cars”, but there’s uplifting positivity in the guise of Secret to Life and laments of a relationship gone awry in You, Me, Lonely. The latter is one of the musical highlights as the vocal arrangement to deliver “the shortest, saddest sentence” is immaculate. Reminiscent of early Queen, where the layers beneath dodie’s vocal imbue the whole song with devastating melancholy.

There’s a lot of levity in the performance though, punctuating the musical brilliance. The chemistry between the band is undeniable, and they just look like they’re having the time of their lives. They regularly thank the security team who are handing out water to fans at the barrier, many of whom queued from early afternoon for the chance to be up close and personal when the band climb on the barrier.

Among the costumed crowd, there’s a sign – “Would You Like Our Bag of Props?” Orla’s response is perfect. “Sounds dangerous” she says, before quickly following up with “yeah, send it up!”

It’s full of whimsical items…a multi coloured hat, clown slide whistles, bubbles and kazoos. “That’s SO FIZZ!” offers Greta, and it’s hard to argue.

Rounding out the main set with the appropriate The Grand Finale, this has been a night of silliness, performance and above all else, musical mastery.

A lot happened in the 75 mins or so the band were on stage. A joyous whirlwind. “Blink twice, you’ll miss the highlights”…it certainly was a hell of a ride.

High in Brighton
Strawberry Jam
I Just Died
Rocket League 
It Gets Better
Hell of a Ride
As Good As It Gets 
You, Me, Lonely
Lonely Bones
Close One
Smile (Lily Allen cover)
Grand Finale
Secret to Life

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