Film Review: Strange But True

The death of a loved one can place and almost intolerable burden on families and relationships. Issues which may have been simmering quietly below the surface can suddenly explode; causing huge ruptures. However, it’s impossible to tell how an individual will react to something like that. How they will deal with their grief. In Strange but True, a family is brought back together by an odd turn of events.

After the death of their son Ronnie (Connor Jessup), Charlene (Amy Ryan) and Richard’s (Greg Kinnear) marriage imploded and they’re now living in different cities. Philip (Nick Robinson), their other son, is back living back with mom after breaking his leg. Their terse relationships are shaken up when Melissa (Margaret Qualley), Ronnie old girlfriend, shows up pregnant claiming the child is his.

With Strange but True director Rowan Athale took the courageous step to shroud events in mystery and intrigue, gradually allowing the viewer to build up the bigger picture. It’s what makes this odd drama stand out. You’re never quite sure where it’s going. Qualley and Robinson are both superb and whilst the ending is perhaps a change up through the gears too far, Strange but True is a breath of fresh air.

Strange but True is released on Digital Download by Vertigo Releasing on 27th September.

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