Album Review: The Erised – Room 414

The Erised

When you think of Hospital Records, you no doubt think of  drum & bass madness. They have launched the careers of the likes of High Contrast, London Elektricity and Danny Byrd. But their sister label Med School has given fans of electronic music something different; something more experimental. And with the release of the debut album from their new signing The Erised, that’s exactly what we’re getting. It’s a genre of music more considered to be made by faceless producers twiddling nobs in a studio. But the Erised are a five piece band from the Ukrane; with faces and everything. The brand new album has just been released, and is a mellow collection of cool electronic tracks. Anyone who has spent a lazy day in one of the bars on San Antonio in Ibiza’s seafront will get multiple flashbacks listening to this album. That dreamy sound backed by interesting electronic sounds that was made big by the likes of Air and Zero 7 has been brought bang up to date by The Erised.

‘Room 414’ is an album that sounds great listened to from beginning to end as a whole. It is essentially and electronic album, but throws in and experiments with different genres throughout. From the chilled out summery vibes of album opener ‘Spring’ to the darker title track ‘Room 414’ and two-minute instrumental ‘Periphery’. It chucks in plenty if synth, ambient, trip-hop, jazz, and R&B sounds. The album keeps to a steady tempo throughout. Although recent single ‘In My Car’ ventures into EDM and is the closest thing to a club album you’ll find amongst this collection.

‘It’s over’ slows things down again and is the most emotive thing here by far. Mixing the fundamentals of what would be considered a ballad with the synth and drum loops that hold the album together. Lead singer Sonya is not a power house vocalist. Instead her vocals are modest and controlled, and give the song the power it needs without even raising her voice.

Changing things up again, the album ends with ‘Ghost’. Just when you think you’ve got the mark of this album, and you don’t think they’ve got it in them to rock out, that’s what they do. The guitars kick in half way through and end proceedings off with a bang.

‘Room 414’ is a mixed bag of tricks. Often that mix can come out sounding messed up, but The Erised have created a sound that is their own that binds it together. I think teaming this band up with such a forward thinking and experimental label seems to be a match made in heaven. This could well be the sound of your summer.

Find out more at their official site, or on their social media.



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