See: Seabirds reveal new video for Real Tears

I been to Nottingham a lot. I even used to work there actually, in a lace factory. Lace is one of the things that the city is well-known for, along with having a couple of football teams, the River Trent, and Robin Hood. Or at least Sherwood Forest anyway.Boots the chemist was formed there, by a John Boot (no, really) and fashion designer Paul Smith and Hi de Hi’s Su Pollard (ahem)were born there.

It’s the wrong place for Seabirds though, what with it being just about as far from the sea as anywhere else in the country. But that is exactly what a Nottingham five piece have taken as a moniker. The band have been building up a bit of steam playing the local circuit as well as trips down to the capital, and have recently played one of our favourite festivals, Indietracks. They’ve signed to US sunshine pop label Matinee, and have just released their debut single, Real Tears.

The song itself will bring a little sunshine into your life. It’s pure bubblegum indie-pop, but with just enough bite to stave off any whiff of the dreaded twee word. It’s has an irresistible chorus, this swooping guitar solo, boy/girl harmonies to die for, and a break that sounds a little bit like Vampire Weekends cheeky cousin. It’s slightly retro, but who cares?

Seabirds, eh? From Nottingham. Wrong Place, wrong time, totally brilliant. Pick it up at the Matinee website, here

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