New Music: Fallulah – Dragon

Who’s got the key to your heart? So say’s Danish singer Fallulah (a.k.a. Maria Apetri) quite insistently in her new song, Dragons. W’ve met her before (not actually you understand, but in terms of her music) Name-checked by just about everyone as one of the ones to watch, we first caught up with her when she released a video for her track ‘Out of It’

If that showed the leftfield pop of Fallulah, then Dragon shows a more insistent, driving, darker Fallulah. The Copenhagen singer, should you have not read our first glimpse of her, grew up the daughter of a famed Romanian dancer, and the spirit of his music permeates this track, as it did her last.

Unlike her last track though, this has a toughness that wasn’t obvious in that track. After a piano riff that opens the song, there’s this rough almost brazen accompaniment, as Fallulah spits her lyrics. It sounds minimal, yet the layers are there, and after softening us up with that aggressive verse, she hits you with the knock out blow of a devastatingly catchy chorus, with the bass dropping into your shoes while she does it. It’s exciting and intoxicating.

Who’s got the key to my heart? Right now Fallulah, you have.

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