See: Venus Furs reveals new video for Living in Constant

Taken from his debut album out later in the year, Venus Furs, aka Montreal’s Paul Kasner, has released a video for his latest single Living In Constant.

It’s a stately affair built on this guitar riff that oozes some of the melancholy Kasner builds on with his keenly affecting vocal. The stripped back nature of the accompaniments in the verse gives it this arid feel before it all comes crashing down in a deliciously shoegaze way in the chorus’.

Of the accompanying video, director Sean Mundy says, “For this video, we were looking to combine both subtle and overt psychedelic imagery along with graceful movements from a dancer (performing choreography created by herself, specifically for this song) captured from various angles and under various lighting conditions, using colour and silhouettes.”
“The video and song are paralleled as they both convey similar emotions – the feelings of solitude, reflection and perpetual regret, explains Kasner. The spinning dancer, like the spinning mind of an individual in this state, is lost in an unending thought pattern.”

Check it out, here

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