News: Destiny Malibu Releases High Energy New Single ‘Say My Name’

Up and coming pop artist Destiny Malibu, releases the high energy, infectious new single ‘Say My Name.’ Bleneding elements of pop, EDM and hip-hop the single showcases Malibu’s songwriting prowess and uncanny abilities as a performer.

Inspired by her profound mental health journey, Destiny weaves a compelling narrative that showcases her growth and resilience on the new single as she swaps between soaring vocals and her tight, expressive rap flow throughout. The song’s poignant lyrics, “Learning how to love the parts of me I thought were broken. Reflection in the mirror staring back with pure focus. For the first time in a year, my feet on fire for my purpose” captures the journey of self-love, self-discovery and empowerment that drives the single forward.

Built around an intense, punching soundscape of punching beats, sub heavy bass and vibrant synths the result is a track that swells with danceability and commercial appeal. With an effortlessly catchy chorus and an explosive sonic pallet to match, the track is a fine example of pop songwriting.

Having already built an array of tastemaker support, Destiny Malibu has cemented her place as one to watch and continues to grow with each new release.

Listen to the new single ‘Say My name’ below:

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