Album Review: Alex G – My Life On The Internet

Whilst an album of covers may not be something you’d expect a review on, the first thing to mention is that the best definition of a great cover song is doing something different, to put your own spin on it and make it your own. Alex G is an artist that has always strived for putting her own personal spin on each cover that she performs and knocks it out the park every time.

In the case of the latest album from Alex G, this is a set of songs she’s hand picked from a very wide selection that highlight a personal connection she has with them, the songs themselves and the time in her life they were released. These, for me, are some of the best versions of these selected songs and seeing as you’ll know these songs, there are more than a few key reasons why you should take the time to listen to them in a new light. With a number of these also being collaborations, it’s clear that everyone involved has a passion for what they do and compliment each others musical abilities brilliantly.

There’s a beautiful honesty in Alex’s voice that carries power, a voice that’s strong, has great range and she’s able to convey multiple emotions through dynamics and delivery both strong and subtle. What’s more is that she knows how to deliver the themes in each song, what the meanings are and what she can bring to it to make it her own. Whilst several songs in their original form are undeniable anthems, here they are stripped back to what matters most which is the lyrical content and the messages they put across and each one is carefully crafted and delivered with precision where the emotion reigns supreme.



With a varied selection of songs that are fun (‘Shake It Off’), emotional (‘See You Again’) to versions that completely surpass the original (‘Lips Are Movin’) what really shines here is that these interpretations have the distinct ability to inspire. It’s the best example of how to take a popular song, put your own spin on it, keep the central message intact but now it’s got your personal stamp on it. The varied style also highlights Alex’s talent to sing songs in a multitude of styles and still maintaining that honesty that elevates each song into something much more memorable and relatable.



The personal highlight for me is the inclusion of the original songs ‘Showing Up’ and ‘Too Far’ which when they both came out quickly became two of my favourite original songs that Alex G has released in recent years. They’re both perfect examples of the craft of songwriting with emotional resonance being the cornerstone, they capture a voice that has something to say and can easily convey a complex range of emotions. ‘My Life On The Internet’ is the ultimate crash course in Alex G’s career so far and it’s the best time to become aquatinted with a unique voice before new original music comes out later this year.



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