Film Review: Where is Anne Frank

Anne and Kitty

Anne Frank is probably the most famous diarist to have ever lived, even though she obviously never got to see her work published. A fact which is unlikely to escape your notice if you visit Amsterdam. Whilst easily the most discussed Jewish figure who lost their life during the Holocaust, the fact that Anne and her family were also refugees from Germany is often overlooked. Fleeing the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany during the 1930s. Where is Anne Frank puts a modern spin on a well-known story.

Anne Frank’s Diary is housed in the Anne Frank’s House, safely under protective glass. During a storm it breaks and fresh ink drips on it. This unleashes Kitty (Ruby Stokes), the imaginary redhead friend Anne (Emily Carey) addressed her inner feeling to. Confused about what’s happened to the Franks, she takes the book determined to file a missing person’s report. Sparking a citywide search. She’s aided by a boy named Peter (Ralph Prosser).

Where is Anne Frank takes a familiar story and does something really interesting and affecting with it. Writer/Director Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir) cleverly contrasts the fortunes of Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe with those of refugees today. Highlighting the similarities between their situations. Very few directors would target this kind of drama at children, but in doing so Where is Anne Frank Is simultaneously educational, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Where is Anne Frank is out in UK and Irish cinemas on 12 August.   

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