Premiere: Melbourne’s Monnone Alone unveil innovative video for their jaunty new single ‘Loose Terrain’ on eve of launch date.

Melbourne jingle jangle gurus Monnone Alone are on the eve of releasing their fourth album, and, to whet our appetites, last Friday released the single ‘Loose Terrain’. We are honoured today to give you an exclusive look at the innovative groundbreaking 3D video for the track.

‘Loose Terrain’ launches with a twanging mouth harp before setting of at a high stepping pace replete with an indelible melody and bright aspect. There is a radiant sparkle that reminds me of the catchiness and infectiousness of The Lightning Seeds. Singer Mark Monnone has a wry and louche delivery that combines both an element of melancholy and a wry self-deprecatory sense of humor. The song displays a delicious pop sensibility with a stadium rousing anthemic quality.

The accompanying video is a stunning piece of interactive virtual reality. Monnone says:

Isobel Knowles who made the video is well known for her wonderfully creative stop-motion animations but for this one, she wanted to experiment with some new fangled technology so this is how we ended up with this perfectly weird accompaniment to our rambunctious ditty.

The video is best seen in high quality, and on your desktop computer can be spun around in 3D. It shows the band jaunting around in formation, walking with a sense of determined purpose amongst falling fruit and some very cool individual dance moves:

‘Loose Terrain’ is out now through The Lost and Lonesome Recording Company and available to download and stream here and through the link below.

Monnone Alone will be launching the single on Monday, 7 August 2023 – see details below.


Joe Foley – ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~bass guitar
Gus Franklin – drums, percussion, synthesiser, jaw harp and backing vocals
Mark Monnone – vocals, guitar
Louis Richter – 12-string guitar

Recorded by Gus Franklin and Mark Monnone at Three Phase and Stock Cube Studios, Melbourne.
Mixed by Gareth Parton at Los Bomberos, Melbourne.
Additional engineering and production by Gus Franklin at Sheahan Drive, Warrnambool.
Artwork by Mark Monnone.

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