Premiere: Tokyo-based Sydney artist Joey Sachi unveils stunning single ‘Fractured’: an ethereal and immersive debut.

Feature Photograph: Yuto Kudo

We are extremely honoured to present an exclusive listen to the stunning debut ‘Fractured’ from Tokyo-based Sydney artist Joey Sachi.

‘Fractured’ is a delicate and ethereal track that seems to float in the skies, hovering high and fragile with a glowing, radiant beauty. Sachi’s glorious vocals are to the fore, making their way above a wash of ambulant liquid electronica: her ringing bell-like tones almost Arctic cold, observant and studied and yet infused with a melancholia and tristesse that is moving.

Sachi says of the track:

The songwriting process is an incredibly personal and cathartic journey for me. It always begins with an experience, or often inspired by an old diary entry reflecting on a stage of life. I then workshop a chord progression to find one I am sonically drawn to and I write my topline. Lyrics follow and when I’m finally happy my co-writer Akinat will reharmonize the chords for me. 

I had no hand whatsoever in the production, instead I worked with my incredibly talented Australian producer, Andy Mak which was an absolute dream of mine. I was initially drawn to his music because of his exquisite sounds. Andy skillfully integrated lush and emotive string arrangements, adding a layer of depth and richness to the track. His meticulous attention to detail and his innate understanding of electronic music allowed him to work his magic which transformed the song and elevated it to new heights.

Sachi’s classical training provides an important basis for her writing:

Often pop music is victim to extremely simple,  mundane and repetitive harmony however by taking cues from great contemporary Classical composers like Arvo Pärt, I’m developing ways in pushing harmony further whilst keeping it sonically familiar for listeners

The result is a canvas of many colours: lush and immersive, hypnotic and dreamy:

This is quite a stunning debut and an important signifier: Sachi is an artist with an immeasurable future ahead of her. Sachi become a musician by studying Classical music at the Conservatorium of Music whilst simultaneously pursuing a writing career; inspired by iconic artists such as Jamie xx, Daft Punk, Sabrina Claudio and Daniel Caesar.

‘Fractured’ is out tomorrow (2 August 2023) and will be available to download and stream through all the usual places.

Feature Photographer: Yuto Kudo

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