Track: Febueder Share Beguiling & Beautiful New Single ‘Valley Of Kins’

Ascot risers Febueder (Fe-byou-der) share the vibrant, textural and utterly beautiful new single ‘Valley Of Kins’. 

Warmingly organic in a sprawling blend of gentle instrumentation comparable to Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens, the singles autumnal soundscape dances around its rhythmic arrangement through it’x boxy reverbs and swelling production. Awash with layers of keys, bells, brass, subtle guitar and percussion, the track navigates through its almost muddled arrangement with subtle, distant yet infectiously melodic lead vocals.

Ebbing and flowing through its loose, flowing soundscape, ‘Valley Of Kins’ is an elegant, intricate, etherial and ultimately captivating single.

Offering a brief explanation of the tracks lyrical themes, the band explain: “Valley Of Kins is a story of salvation, closure and new beginnings.”

Listen below:

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