With a spectral guitar intro and the yearning vocals, Kidsmoke’s new single ‘The Bluest You’ is a dreamy smooth pleasure of the highest degree. There is a celestial shimmer to the song – it shines and sparkles while simultaneously creating an air of pastoral melancholia. An air that clearly reflects its lyrical themes, of which the band says:

It is a fly on the wall look into a household where one person’s depression is affecting everyone else who lives there. The song doesn’t address the feelings of the person suffering with depression, it is a sort of commentary from the viewpoint of the rest of the family.

‘The Bluest You’ is an absolutely gorgeous song with its jingle/jangle crystal sharp guitars and the contemplative melodies:

The single is off Kidsmokes’s forthcoming album ‘A Vision in the Dark’, due out on 19 June through Libertino Records and which can be preordered here. You can also get the album through Kidsmoke’s bandcamp site.

Kidsmoke are:

Lance Williams – Vox/Guitar
James Stickels – Bass/Vox
Sophie Ballamy – Guitar/Vox
Ash Turner – Drums