Say Psych: Track Review: Goat – Let It Burn

Rocket Recordings have announced that they will be releasing a new single by the now infamous Goat on 25th May, ‘Let It Burn’.

‘Let it Burn’ was written specifically for the climatic scene in the short film Killing Gävle, directed by Joe Fletcher. The film is about famous Gävle Goat in Sweden which every year local custodians of Gävle try to protect a giant straw goat that is built for the town every Christmas being burnt down by mischievous pagans. The video makes use of footage from the film. Goat’s music was the obvious to soundtrack the film – their back catalogue is used throughout the film but up to now it was the only place you could hear a segment of the 6 minute+ fuzz groove of ‘Let it Burn’ but now thanks to Rocket Recordings it can be heard in all its glory.

The track is very Goat in every way, from its world music inspired drum beat, to the characteristic vocals and the fuzzy guitar riffs. The flute interludes as an interesting addition and work with the video in every respect.


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