Track: Bristol’s Rising Rockers Twin City Shine on New Single ‘Solid Gold’

Bristol’s vibrant music scene is no stranger to producing noteworthy talent, and Twin City, a rock outfit formed by Welsh brothers Louis and Toby Ellis, alongside Conor Feeney and Pete Refson, has stormed onto the scene once more with their latest single, ‘Solid Gold’.

A potent fusion of indie and rock & roll siplaying both a driving sense of energy and infectious songwriting,the track is a glimmering example of the band signature sound.

Produced and mixed by Tom Smith (known for his work with Holy Youth Movement and The Pleasure Dome) and mastered by James Trevascus (Invada Studios, Bristol), the single is built around a tight, thick wall of thick, distorted guitars. The rhythm section, consisting of tight drumming and a solid bassline, creates an intense musical backdrop that serves as a brit-pop-come-classic-rock canvas for Louis Ellis’s captivating lead vocals. His voice is snarling, urgent, and yet surprisingly melodic, takes centre as the track grows through it’s verse to the infectiously catchy chorus.

What sets ‘Solid Gold’ apart is not just its musical prowess but also its message. In their own words, the band explains that the song is about “positivity and self-belief.” It’s a no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll tune that encourages listeners to embrace their true selves and pursue their dreams unapologetically.

Speaking on the track the band explain: “Solid Gold is a no-nonsense rock n roll tune with a message of positivity and self belief. We all shine brighter when we’re free to be ourselves, so the song is about being who you are unapologetically and doing what you want with your life.”

As the track draws to a close, it’s evident that Twin City is a band to watch. With their unwavering energy, catchy hooks, and positive message, they are poised for greatness.

Listen below:

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