Punk’s Lost Daughter// BEX releases debut single “Tiptoe”

Describing herself as, “A punk-rocker who wants the music to speak again” BEX is a young artist looking to reshape the rock industry through a lens of hard-hitting riffs, feminist lyrics and cutting-edge videos. Amongst this BEX balances out all the things that “suck,” such as: sexism, racism, fast fashion, judgementalism and heartbreak with pleasantly uplifting things like: riffs, self-expression, expressive art, inclusion, equality, feminism and last (and certainly not least) respect.  

Speaking about the track she says:  

“Lyrically ‘Tiptoe’ is about males who take advantage of women, ‘just because we perform it doesn’t welcome you off stage’.  The chorus reflects on men taking action and the consequences that come from it:


Cause a riot overstep the line

Resist arrest just to prove your lies

Cause a riot just to step aside

Neglect then strike

Prove them right

You are a swine’

There are so many great girl driven artists currently gracing the scene, Hands Off Gretel, Wet Leg, Witch Fever, Loose Articles, The Red Stains, Duvet, Piss Kitti, The Strangerz, Oorya and YNES too name but a few, and 19 year old BEX, who hails from Guildford, is the latest to cause some ripples. Musically the track is just riffs, fat riffs. A simple punk structure with two alternative bass lines that compliment each other. ‘Tiptoe’  is simple but meaty. The song is filled with a lot of rage and rebellion against female norms, standing up for myself/ourselves and other females who have been in vulnerable situations. The track is in favour of post modern feminism.”

Starting out as a bedroom project in the summer of 2020, BEX decided to take her love for rock music that inch a bit further by picking up a bass and playing covers of her favourite riffs on Instagram. Starting off with a mere 2,000 followers at the beginning of the year to a skyrocketing 35,000 by the summer, it’s fair to say BEX has an impeccable vision and is on her way to an ascending journey through the music industry. 

Now onto a staggering 60K+ followers across her Social Media platforms, BEX is building a substantial fanbase around her. Making pals with not just her fans, but musical creators too as BEX has spent her summer laying down some face-melting riffs and rousing, call-to-arms choruses with collaborators including WARGASM, and playing live streams for IKEA/Live Nation and eMusic.  

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