Premiere: LE JUNK reveals new single and visuals for ‘Level 3”

Photo Credit: Jessie Morgan

London producer LE JUNK’s new single, Level 3, is out today on Naked Superstar Recordings and we’re delighted to premiere it, along with the Elliott Gonzo directed accompanying visuals, right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Produced by Dan White (Buff Records) the track is lyrically at least, a metaphor of a love song, advocating treating life as a ‘level up’ activity, whatever it takes.

Of the track, LE JUNK says “It’s about all the false ideals we often become obsessed with along the way that ultimately have a negative impact on us. The video is a physical representation of this idea (a world of bare-knuckle fighting to the death for money), whereas the song lyrics depict the more common scenario of moving too fast in a relationship eventually leads to break-up. Our fixation on solely thinking we have to achieve certain things in our lives often makes us lose sight of what is genuine and why we do what we do in the first place.

Built on these buzzsaw guitar lines and LE JUNK’s barked vocals at the beginning, it flirts with Mark E Smith, before veering into more melodic territory, with a good amount of funk, some beautiful vocal harmonies and flecks of synths for good measure. LE JUNK softens and cadjoles, pulling you along with the intoxicating tunes, but always that little sense of danger.

Check it out, and the beautifully shot, if disturbing video, here

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